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IMD champions gender parity in executive roles and a commitment to developing a community of purposeful leaders, who will drive us toward a more gender-balanced workplace and society.

That’s important to Semira Gonseth Nusslé, a medical doctor whose passions led her to found a startup that could revolutionise her field. For Semira, the Empowering Women in Leadership Scholarship was a life-changing experience.

“The program gave me much more confidence in myself. I have participated in programs for women before and it didn’t always have that result. I realized I could be a strong leader, even if I wasn’t always conscious of it.”

Ginka Toegel, director of the Strategies for Leadership program, said it was designed to give women leaders a “confidence boost” and the opportunity to discuss the leadership challenges they might be facing. 

Prior to the program, Semira had often felt lonely as a woman entrepreneur, especially since some relations didn’t understand why she was spending so much time and effort building her career and company rather than aiming for a less demanding career to be able to spend more time at home and with her family.

“When asked to participate in events, mentoring groups, press articles, due to the scarcity of women in the entrepreneurial space, I sometimes feel a certain weight on my shoulders to represent "all" women entrepreneurs. The idea that women entrepreneurs can be recognized as a 'community' that is further supported by generous donors has given me a sense of belonging and hope.”

By supporting the Empowering Women in Leadership Scholarships this Giving Day, you will help exceptional women to excel in their careers – in particular women who may not otherwise be able to afford a top-tier business education. 

Your support will help develop a diverse community of passionate and exceptional business leaders like Semira, who will inspire and encourage us all toward a more gender equal workplace and society. 

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    Empowering Women in Leadership Scholarships

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